A Traditional Wedding: ...Once the bride was dressed, her brother would come with a red ribbon, the bekaret kusak. The maidenhood-belt was tied neatly around her waist. For the bride this red ribbon was an important sign, indicating the girls innocence. Sunset behind Castel of Uchisar (Kale), the highest point in Cappadocia.
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Uchisar Unfolding is a chronicle of Uçhisar and a guide to the village. It is a mirror of Central Anatolian society, the answer to all questions when visiting Cappadocia. It is a treasury of stories, traditions and legends of the ancient
In her book, Evelyn Kopp shares with you the secrets of an Cappadocian Village; a real insiders view.
Uchisar Unfolding is a collection of History of Cappadocia, Traditions and Lifestyles in Central Anatolia, Legends, Stories and Memories of the eldest.
Extracts from the book Uchisar Unfolding.
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Interviews and Press release from Turkish Times Turkey and more in Turkish and English.
All Photos were taken during a period of more than eight years by the author. The old photos were kindly contributed from the archive of Murtaza Bogazli (Uchisar Municipality). Like a chronicler, he put together the collection of the past 40 years.
Uchisar Unfolding. The Many Faces of a Cappadocian Village.
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